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By Tyler Fischer – August 2, 2022 10:27 am EDT
Another game on Steam has been made 100 percent free to own, but those on PC only have a few more hours to take advantage of this offer. Developers and publishers at an increasing rate have been making their games free ever since the pandemic made the practice more popular not just on Steam, but on all platforms. Typically, when a game is made free it’s to promote a sequel or a new game from the developer/publisher. Other times it’s because said game has squeezed the orange dry and thus can afford to make itself free as a sort of final promotional hoorah. It’s unclear where this new free game fits into all of this, but that doesn’t really matter. 
The game in question, POLE, comes from Luvenis Studios and Mobul Tek LLC. On Steam, the game normally runs at $19.99 and it boasts a “Mixed” User Review score, with only 40 percent of 62 user reviews rating the game positively. The NES-style platformer has been available since May 2, 2022. 
“POLE is a fun and challenging 2D platformer. You explore a unique world that has been transformed from 2D into 3D,” reads an official blurb about the game. ” POLE’s gameplay is simple, you have a POLE (like a stick), and you use the arrow keys to jump off surfaces, be it walls, ceiling or floor.”
As noted, the game is only free for a few more hours. More specifically, it’s only free to download until 1:00 p.m. EST. After this, it will revert to its normal price. That said, if you claim the game before this deadline, it’s yours to keep forever. 
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