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Square Enix excited many Final Fantasy fans when they announced Chocobo GP, a kart racer inspired by the RPG titan. That game won’t come out until March 2022, but if you want your Final Fantasy racing fix now, Square Enix has just released a mobile game, called Chocobo GP’ (read “Chocobo GP Dash”).
This mobile game is more of a side scroller than a kart racer. You control a Chocobo and Moogle on a scooter and try to navigate caverns and dungeons without hitting an obstacle or tipping and dropping your treasure.
The app contains 35 levels and while you won’t be directly racing against your friends, each stage has a leaderboard for fast completion. To top the leaderboards, you will have to experiment with the game’s customizable stats to find the right mix for maximum speed.
Chocobo GP’ is available now on Android and iOS devices. For more news on all of Square Enix’s racing games (and RPGs), stay tuned to RPGFan.
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