Space X Launch, Surface Go 2, HBO MAX and Peacock show announcements | Noise Cancelling Podcast 012

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More tech news and painfully honest reviews from Gareth and Sherri as they’re joined by Chelsea Gohd of and Tom’s Guide Editor, Henry T Casey.

00:58 – Where is space?
04:06 – Long time, first time
04:53 – Space X launch
07:58 – Space tourism
09:33 – Vomit comet
11:44 – Chrome upgrades
15:43 – iOS 13.5
17:48 – Surface Go 2 review
22:18 – iPads in space
24:06 – 8K is coming
28:04 – Alienware review
30:18 – James Webb Tele
32:51 – Express VPN
35:16 – Is space dirty?
38:51 – The Snyder Cut

Here are your headlines for the show.

Space X –

HBO Max and Peacock show announcements –

Chrome is getting a little less power-hungry –

The James Webb telescope –

Microsoft Surface Go 2 –

Samsung Q95T QLED Smart TV –

UNPOPULAR OPINION: The Dark Knight ruined comic book movies! –

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