Sheetz drops price of select gas to under $2 per gallon for Thanksgiving week – Cleveland 19 News

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Sheetz lowered its prices for unleaded 88 fuel to under $2 per gallon for the week of Thanksgiving.
The $1.99 per gallon of unleaded 88 fuel is approximately $1.58 cheaper than the average in Ohio, according to Sheetz and AAA.
The discounted price to save drivers money over the Thanksgiving holiday runs through Nov. 28.
“We hope this price reduction provides much-needed relief at the pump for our customers as they travel for the Thanksgiving holiday,” company president and CEO Travis Sheetz said.
Unleaded 88, which “provides a higher-octane level than regular 87,” is offered at 368 Sheetz locations throughout the country.
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