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Update, July 18, 2019 (04:30 PM ET): Today, YouTube Music introduced a new feature that allows you to seamlessly switch between listening to a song and watching the video for that song. Previously, you’ve been able to do one or the other but once you start you either need to finish the track that way or stop the track and restart it in a different format.

With this new feature, you could be watching a music video and decide you only want to listen instead. By hitting a new toggle switch, YouTube will switch to the music-only version of that track and remember your song position so you don’t lose your spot. You can swap back and forth like this as much as you like.

See how it works in this GIF:

YouTube says this works with any song that has a corresponding official music video, which it says is over five million songs on the platform.

It also says that if a music video has a long intro — such as the legendary video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” — the app will intelligently skip over the intro and go straight to the song, so you should have a completely uninterrupted listening experience.

This new feature is rolling out as a server-side upgrade, so you should see it very soon. This feature requires a paid YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription.

Previous YouTube Music updates:

YouTube Music launched in India

March 12, 2019: Hot on the heels of the launch of Spotify, Google is introducing YouTube Music (and YouTube Premium) in India. The monthly subscription fee for YouTube Music in the region is 99 rupees (~$1.39).

YouTube Music and Google Home integration expanded

March 8, 2019: Google has expanded the availability of YouTube Music and Google Home integration. You can see the full list of 14 countries here.

YouTube Music Sonos support

January 30, 2019: Google has announced that YouTube Music is now available to play on all Sonos speakers.

So long as you have either a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription, you can play your entire YouTube Music library through the Sonos Controller app. You also have access to YouTube Music’s “recommended” listening suggestions, new releases, YouTube Charts, and the “Your Mixtape” personalized playlist.

YouTube Charts

December 13, 2018: Google has announced a new feature for YouTube Music called YouTube Charts, which allows you to see rankings of songs and music videos both locally and globally.

YouTube Music is currently supported in 29 territories, and each market will have its own set of charts. In addition to these localized charts, there will be additional global charts which will be the same across all territories.

Each chart gives you a better idea of what’s popular and trending. Here are the charts:

  • Top 100 Songs: The most played songs on YouTube —There are two versions of this chart: local and global.
  • Top 100 Music Videos: The most viewed music videos — As before, there are global and local versions of this chart.
  • Top 20 Trending — This chart is specific to your local territory only.

YouTube Music student plans

November 27, 2018: Students in the U.S. can now take advantage of discounted YouTube Music plans. Full-time students and those at accredited colleges and universities can get YouTube Music Premium for $4.99 and YouTube Premium (which includes YouTube Music Premium) for $6.99.

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