Saweetie – The Making of ‘Fast(Motion)’ | Vevo Footnotes

Saweetie – The Making of “Fast (Motion)” (Vevo Footnotes)

With her “Fast (Motion),” Saweetie wanted to inspire and empower fans while shedding a light on female athletes. She and director James Larese have done a great job accomplishing that goal. The rapper played lots of sports growing up in California; football was her fave, and she was a QB for a while. Larese was inspired by the old ‘Bo Knows’ advertising campaign, and wanted a modern feel of that. Saweetie did her own stunts, including jumping off a 20-ft platform for the parachute scene. Find out about all the action and lots of the fashion choices in Footnotes. 

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Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Producer: Tomas Alvear
Editor: Austin Prahl
Music & Talent: Parul Chokshi & David McTiernan

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