Sara Ali Khan wishes to date Vijay Deverakonda 


Published: Updated On – 06:19 PM, Tue – 12 July 22

Sara Ali Khan wishes to date Vijay Deverakonda 

Hyderabad: Sara Ali Khan spilled the beans about her dating interests on the ‘Koffee with Karan’ Season 7 couch. The actor said she would love to date Telugu film star Vijay Deverakonda as she appeared on the talk show with her close friend and actor Janhvi Kapoor.

When the host Karan Johar asked Sara to give him the name of someone she would like to date, Sara first denied answering the question. Then, she blurted out “Vijay Deverakonda”. This leads to Janhvi and Karan enjoying a good laugh together. Then Sara goes on to ask Janhvi if she likes the ‘Liger’ actor too.

Earlier, Sara had said that she wanted to date actor Kartik Aaryan on the same couch. In another interesting twist, when Karan asked Sara why her ex-boyfriend is her ex-boyfriend, she wittily replied, “Because he is everyone’s ex.”

After actors Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh appeared on the first episode of ‘KWK’ season 7, Sara and Janhvi are all set to enthral the audience in this week’s episode. Catch them on Disney + Hotstar on July 14 at 7 pm.

“I love how you say “Deverakonda” cutest. Sending big hugs and my affection,” replied Vijay on Instagram Stories, sharing a teaser of the episode.