Samsung users frustrated, Instagram standing up against bullying


In the world of Samsung, a software update caused some problems. Meanwhile, Instagram is helping victims of bullying on the net. Here are our winners and losers of last week.

Winner of the week: Instagram

Bullying is widespread on the net and there is not much the victims can do about it. Instagram wants to counteract them with various ideas and features. An AI algorithm will recognize possibly offensive comments and ask the sender again if he/she really wants to send the text.

The new Restrict feature works like a shadow ban, and is supposed to protect victims from possible attacks and let the bullying be hidden from public view, which should discourage mobbing behavior. I think this is a very good approach, and an important step forward. Keep it up Instagram: maybe Facebook will take a page from your book. 

Loser of the week: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S10 in all its four versions is a great smartphone. With the current Android update, which is supposed to make it even better, caution is advised though. Many Samsung users are complaining to Reddit and elsewhere that they can no longer use their Galaxy S10 after installing the update.

The devices keep asking for the PIN to be entered, again and again. Even on smartphones where no PIN was set, it suddenly appears. Only a hard reset of the Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to help. For now we can only hope that Samsung will react quickly and give the update a revision.

What do you think were the tops and flops in tech news this past week? Let us know in the comments below!

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