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2020 has been a great year for foldable phones and Samsung has been leading that charge by releasing the second iteration of their Fold series. In this video Matt unboxes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and goes through the set up process for the revolutionary handset.

24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: what it is and what it isn’t
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Jaded about smartphones? Think you’ve seen it all? The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the one piece of tech that has wowed me in 2020, and it’s only been 24 hours.

Every time this phone folds in half, it impresses. People in a socially distant New York City, not eager to make small talk right now, are stopping me to ask what this thing is and if it’s worth it. That second question will have to wait for our full Z Fold 2 review. But, for now, I can explain the first: what this thing is – and what it isn’t.

I called the original Fold ‘the most forward-thinking smartphone you shouldn’t buy’ because, even with its screen-bending innovation, it had classic first-gen limitations at a price that was more than the very best laptop. That’s a hard recommendation to make, knowing Samsung would quickly address everyone’s biggest complaints.

Sure enough, 11 months later, I now have the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 in hand. It’s blowing people’s minds – and it contains most of the fixes I wanted from Gen 1.

What this Galaxy Z Fold 2 is
As I wrap my hands around a folded Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, I remember what it’s like to carry around a small smartphone. The tall but narrow design is easy to grasp with one hand, like I’m holding a rod – a very, very expensive rod.

Unfolded, it’s like carrying around a mini Android tablet. That’s something I typically need a backpack to cart around (and often end leaving at home). Its 7.6-inch display feels like I’m using Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad mini. Yet Samsung’s design makes it fully pocketable when I want to stow the Fold 2.

I’ve been able to take advantage of the big screen already: to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom Mobile, live stream a tech launch event, write about the launch event in a Google Doc, and, the holy grail, update a spreadsheet (normally an impossible task on a phone). Guess what? I did many of these things at the same time with split-view.

What I’m really impressed with is the small Cover Display on folded front. It fixes the biggest issue I had with the first Fold. At 4.6-inches, it felt like there was more black bezel than actual screen. The new 6.2-inch Cover Display is 1.63x bigger and takes up the entire front. It’s magnificent. It truly feels like two phones in one now.
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