Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing and Overview

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We got more time with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the flip phone with a 6.7-inch screen that folds in half. Our first 24 hours with it have been positive, albeit limited, and good news, unlike the Galaxy Fold, this Samsung foldable is decidedly durable.

The actual problem this time has been buying the Z Flip – it’s sold out throughout the world despite being quite expensive. It costs more than the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus, and it’s about the same price as the Galaxy S20 Ultra in most regions.

Is it worth the high price? We’re here to answer that in our ongoing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review, and we’ve noticed five things in the past few hours.
First, the novelty of this foldable flip phone turns heads – everyone wanted to know what this phone was when we walked around with it.

People would stop us in the streets whenever we folded or unfolded it. They’d do a double-take and think, “Wait, that’s different.” When is the last time that’s happened when upgrading to the new iPhone? It has certainly been a while.
Read more here –,display%20that%20collapses%20in%20half.&text=We’re%20still%20testing%20it,than%20the%20new%20Moto%20Razr.

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