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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of smartphones in February of this year. It looks like we won’t need to wait long for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, as we’ve already seen a bunch of leaks associated with the device.

Overall, it doesn’t seem like there will be too many significant changes for the Active 2 as compared to the original Active. However, Samsung is likely going to offer some new choices as for as connectivity goes and the software will (hopefully) get some new tweaks, too.

Check out our rumor roundup below for all we know (or think we know) about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Name and release date

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active logo screen

We are almost certain the name of the upcoming follow-up to the Galaxy Watch Active will be the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Based on leaked press renders of the device (which we’ll get to in a minute), we have seen that moniker used to describe the device. We obviously won’t be totally certain until the device lands, but it’s unlikely it will launch under a different name.

As for the release date of the device, all signs point to Samsung launching it alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, which we know land on August 7.

Despite the original Watch Active launching in February of this year, it’s very unlikely the Watch Active 2 will launch in February of next year, considering we’ve already seen so many leaks for it. Unless we get some other news, we’re fully expecting to see the Watch Active 2 on August 7.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Design

We’ve already seen a lot of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 through both leaked hands-on photos as well as leaked promotional renders. As such, we have a good idea of what the device will look like.

Depending on how you felt about the original Watch Active, you might be excited or disappointed to know that the follow-up will likely look pretty much the same. According to what we’ve seen so far, Samsung isn’t dramatically altering the look of the device.

Check out the leaked hands-on photos below, which we found via SamMobile:

Other than a new red ring around the power button and some other changes to the shape of buttons, the new device appears to almost look identical to the original.

Not long after we saw those images, we also saw a leaked promotional render via Android Headlines which not only appears to confirm the design of the watch but also the name:

A Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 leaked render showing the watch on a white background. Android Headlines

Notably, the format of the ad above is very similar to promotional material we’ve seen of the Galaxy Note 10, once again suggesting that the two devices will launch at the same time.

One other notable rumor we’ve heard is that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 could launch in two sizes this time: a 40mm size and a 44mm size, according to Wareable. This is a welcome change as the original Watch Active only came in one size (40mm).

It’s also highly likely that the Watch Active 2 will come in a variety of colors with swappable bands.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Specs

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active watchface 1

Since the design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 appears to be very similar to its predecessor, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the rumors we’ve heard suggest the specs will be largely similar as well.

However, there are two big changes likely on the way: LTE support and an electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor.

Reportedly, Samsung will launch two versions of the Watch Active 2: a Wi-Fi model, allegedly with a 237mAh battery, and an LTE variant with a 340mAh battery. At launch, it’s rumored the LTE model will only support Android device connectivity, while the Wi-Fi model will support both Android and iPhone devices. It’s not clear why this is the case if it even turns out to be true.

There will likely be an LTE model of the Watch Active 2 and both it and the Wi-Fi model could sport an ECG monitor.

The ECG monitor rumor makes a lot of sense, considering this feature is one of the flagship details of the reigning king of smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 4. However, rumors suggest that Samsung still hasn’t earned FDA approval for the monitor, which means it might not work out of the box. Instead, Samsung could announce the feature but then switch it on via a software update later when it earns approval. This could be as late as 2020, rumors suggest.

Other than these two big new features, the rest of the upgrades will likely be software-related. In our review for the Galaxy Watch Active, we mentioned how the fitness tracking features of the device were lacking, which is ironic considering the device’s name. Hopefully, Samsung is working hard on delivering a much more capable fitness tracking smartwatch with this new iteration.

Both variants will also reportedly run version 1.5 of One UI. Existing Samsung smartwatches are on version 1.0, so we could also hear about new features with version 1.5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Price

The original Samsung Galaxy Watch Active launched at a retail price of $200. This is just a bit cheaper than the main Samsung Galaxy Watch, which starts at $280.

Since we’re not expecting any huge design changes for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, we don’t expect the price to jump up considerably. However, the LTE model will likely cost a bit more than the Wi-Fi model due to the extra hardware costs.

It is totally possible Samsung could sell the Wi-Fi variant of the Watch Active 2 at the same price as the original Watch Active and then simply do away with the original. The fact that the devices are launching so close together makes that even more of a possibility. If that’s the case, then a $250 price tag for the LTE variant and a $200 price tag for the Wi-Fi model would make sense.

However, Samsung usually increases pricing for its newer devices, so this makes us skeptical. But it would be weird if the Watch Active 2 jumped up significantly in price because then it would get too close in price to the main Galaxy Watch. This could create confusion.

We’ll need to wait until August 7 to know for certain how much this new watch will cost. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you think about the rumors we’ve heard so far!

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