Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Test

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Samsung have been well known for their batteries, whether in a good or bad light. When it comes to our best smartphone batteries the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge absolutely smashed our leaderboard for flagship phones.

So how well does the older brother, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus compare? We had to test it and find out. In this particular video we compare how well the S8 does compared to all our previous phones taking on this test, whether they be Android or Apple.

1. All phones on full brightness
2. All phones connected to same Wi-Fi
3. 1 hr 30 mins for each task
4. S8 Plus is running at its out of the box 2220×1080 resolution

Hour 1:30 – 75% Hour 3:00 – 60% Hour 4:30 – 34% Hour 6:00 – 18%
Unfortunately we only had a day to test out the phone, leaving 11% left at 6 hours and 40 minutes.

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