Samsung Galaxy S vs S2 vs S3 vs S4 vs S5 vs S6 vs S7 Edge vs S8+ / PART 2 – Battery Test

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S vs S2 vs S3 sv S4 vs S5 vs S6 vs S7 Edge vs S8 Plus.

It’s time for part 2 of our BIG Samsung Galaxy S VS series, covering a Samsung Galaxy smartphone from every generation of this incredible series of mobiles. What else can you do but pit them against each other to see just how far we’ve come over the last decade.

This time we’re testing out the stamina of each phone by draining the battery. Normally we would test against browsing, gaming and YouTube, unfortunately our phones were too old to take on anything but YouTube. With this issue, it means for the most part our phones have battled each other in a non stop streaming YouTube session.

1. All phones on full brightness
2. All phones connected to same Wi-Fi
3. 10 mins of browsing – rest of test youtube
4. All phones are running at their out the box resolution