Samsung Galaxy S vs S2 vs S3 vs S4 vs S5 vs S6 vs S7 Edge vs S8+ / PART 1 – Speed Test

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S vs S2 vs S3 sv S4 vs S5 vs S6 vs S7 Edge vs S8 Plus.

That’s right, we’ve got a Samsung Galaxy smartphone that covers every generation of this incredible series of mobiles. What else can you do but pit them against each other to see just how far we’ve come over the last decade.

For this test we’re racing each phone in a battle of speed. Unfortunately, we’ve had to scrap our recent selection of high intensity apps for some which are still available on the earlier phones.

Load up eBay, load up Spotify, load up Twitter, load up Google Maps and lock in on the phone’s GPS location, load up GT Racing 2, load up Angry Birds, load up Netflix, take a photo on the camera app.

Do you still use one of the original Galaxy S phones? Let us know how well they stand up today.