Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders have been canceled… just before release date

After a long and winding road, the Samsung Galaxy Fold release is near. After it was launched in February, and slated for an April release date, a series of setbacks, breakages, and constantly-pushed-back release dates beset the foldable phone, but Samsung then announced a September release date for sure. However, it seems not everyone will get their handsets on day one.

That’s according to several Twitter users from the US, who have reported that Samsung has canceled their Galaxy Fold pre-orders. We were expecting to see the foldable launch on September 27 there (a date not officially confirmed by Samsung, bear in mind), but these fans might have a hard time getting it.

In the email canceling the order, Samsung said it had to “rethink the entire customer experience,” and this makes sense – since customers originally pre-ordered the device in February, it has gone through some drastic changes, and the new Samsung Galaxy Fold is a rather different device. Samsung likely wants customers to place their orders and know what they’re getting.

Samsung also offers customers whose pre-orders were canceled $250 of store credit, which is a nice bonus. By the sounds of things, you can use it on any Samsung phone or product.

You can also place pre-orders for the new Galaxy Fold currently, so it’s not that pre-ordering the device at all is finished.

That means Samsung’s decision to cancel Galaxy Fold pre-orders likely isn’t because the newer device is just as troubled as the first, but because the company doesn’t want its customers to feel deceived or tricked. That seems like pretty good PR in our books.

We haven’t heard about Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders getting canceled anywhere else around the world, so this may just be a US phenomena. The handset was released in South Korea on September 6, and pre-orders weren’t canceled there, and we’ve no word on them getting canceled in the UK, where it’s set to launch on September 18.

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