Ryan Grantham: ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ actor Ryan Grantham sentenced to life imprisonment. Here’s what he did


Ryan Grantham, a former child actor, has been given the death sentence for murdering his mother. Ryan Grantham is well-known for his roles in the films The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Riverdale. He later pleaded guilty to his crime of killing his sixty-four-year-old mother, Barbara Waite. This gruesome crime happened in March 2020 in their British Columbia home while the actor was only twenty-one.

Other details of the case:

It was revealed that the actor lit scented candles, set up rosaries on the piano, and prayed the following day. He did this before going on a rampage to kill more people. The prosecution proved that he took many guns, ammunition, and Molotov cocktails in his car to drive east to Ottawa.

Ryan Grantham also had a printed map giving directions to President Justin Trudeau’s residence at Rideau Cottage. While driving, however, something changed Grantham’s mind, and he surrendered himself to the authorities in Vancouver.

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The judge also told the court that turning himself into the Vancouver police was a saving grace on his part. They also revealed that Grantham had been suffering from suicidal and homicidal thoughts for a long time. During this period, he also saw a lot of violent videos online and smoked a lot of marijuana.


  1. What did the judge say about Ryan Grantham’s case?
    This week, Judge Kathleen Ker gave the death sentence to the former child actor in the British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver. Grantham is now denied parole for the next fourteen years.Justice Ker told the Canadian media that this case was tragic and heartbreaking. She said that during sentencing, they found Ryan Grantham killed his mother by shooting her in the back of her head with a rifle while she was playing the piano. Later, he recorded a video on his GoPro confessing his murder and recorded a video of his dead mother.
  2. What did the defense say about Ryan Grantham?
    The defense argued that their client was going through a period of disturbed mental health and had been given counselling.

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