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Get the latest RPG Champions codes, a Roblox game that lets you level a character, try different builds, and take on tons of enemies. Enjoy!
Here are the newest RPG Champions codes, a Roblox game that takes inspiration from the RPG greats on the platform. This is a classic RPG game that lets you work your way up from a weak character all the way to a powerful wielder of any class you choose, with magical weapons, abilities, and ultimate skills. You can redeem these codes for upgrades and other boosts in the game, and we check them regularly.
RPG Champions (formerly RPG Legends) is still pretty fresh out of the game, so we expect more updates to be added in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more news and codes.
We added a new code on September 21st.
Here are all the working RPG Champions codes in September 2022.
The game is currently still very new, and has only recently opened to the public in the past couple of days. Some recent updates during testing include:
More expected soon!
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Here's how to redeem these codes for free rewards in the game.
If the code doesn't work, make sure you have entered it exactly as we have from our table above. If the code still doesn't work, it is likely expired, and you'll need to try again another day for new codes, or check below on how to get more codes for the game.
Entering codes from our list isn't the only way to get rewards in RPG Champions! All Like Milestone codes (when you hit a certain like milestone on the game, 5k, 10k, etc) can actually be found IN-GAME. Just select "Milestone Reward" from the Reward menu for likes-based Milestones. You can also receive rewards for your login steak as well as your playtime. If you still want to hunt for codes on your own (we understand, we understand) you can head over to the game's official Discord to keep track of new codes, updates, giveaways, sneaks, and more.
RPG Champions is the latest in a long line of hit Roblox roleplaying games, with our most favorite recently being Venture Tales. The aim of the game is simple, much like any other RPG: level up your character, complete quests, get upgrades, learn new skills, defeat powerful enemies, and repeat! The game, developed by arc.ent, is still in quite early development, but has been in testing for the past couple of months and is now open to the public. New worlds are added quite regularly, and we reckon there are even more abilities, weapons, and bosses on the way.
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