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Zo Samurai is a gorgeous Roblox samurai fighting game with multiple missions, abilities, and loads of codes!
Zo is a Roblox samurai fighting game. It has great graphics, loads of different swords and cosmetic unlocks, and, of course, codes! Scroll down or hit the link above to jump right to the codes. We check for new codes every day. As Zo Samurai is currently a very popular Roblox game, we're expecting new codes and updates pretty regularly. Make sure to check back soon to see if anything new has been added.
We checked for new codes on August 1, but nothing new has been added yet.
The previous update added a new exclusive skin (the Molten core skin), some lag fixes, and various UI changes. Zo Samurai receives an update every week! Check out the official game page here.
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If your code doesn't work you might have entered it incorrectly. Copy and paste directly from our list to make sure that doesn't happen. You might also have entered a code that has expired, so you'll need to check back soon to see if any new codes have been added.
Zo Samurai is a samurai fighting game that will take you on a journey across multiple areas to face off against a variety of enemies. You'll learn up by earning Yen, the in-game currency, and then using it to unlock new swords and skills.
As well as fighting different enemies you'll find secrets, new special locations to throw down with your sword-wielding enemies, and eventually collect souls to climb the leader boards. New swords and events are added regularly, as well as codes, which you will always be able to find here with the most up-to-date information.
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