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Last Pirates is a must-play for One Piece fans in the Roblox community. Here are some Last Pirates codes for free rewards in August 2022.
Last Pirates developers often release codes for the game’s massive player base on Roblox. Here are some Last Pirates codes for free cash, LP, and candy that are available in August 2022.

Roblox developers pleased One Piece fans around the world by releasing Last Piece, now known as Last Pirates. The game lets players take on the strongest opponents, explore new islands, and turn their avatars into mighty heroes.
With the latest update in August 2022, several new codes were provided to the community for free rewards. Here’s how you can redeem them for cash, LP, and Candy.
These are the Last Pirates Codes that will grant you free rewards in August 2022:
These are all the working codes in Roblox’s Late Pirates. Make sure to bookmark this article as we’ll constantly update it when new codes are released.
While completing quests and visiting new islands is still the best way to level up in Last Pirates, these codes can give your journey a much-required boost.
The following Last Pirates codes are no longer redeemable:
Follow these steps to redeem codes in Last Pirates:
If the method doesn’t work, it is either because you’re entering incorrect codes or they have expired. As it turns out, the majority of codes aren’t permanent. Hence, redeem them as quickly as you can.
Another reason why you might not be able to avail the benefits is the level requirement. Some codes like CarinaCaxtez and Event work only when you have reached Level 300.
Last Pirates is a Roblox title with over 400 active players. The game was released in 2021 and took the anime community by storm. Over the past year, it has been visited over 51 million times on Roblox and almost 136,000 players have added it to their Favorites.
Last Pirates is just one of the countless amazing games you can find on Roblox. These include Strongman Simulator, Shonen Smash, True Piece, and Factory Simulator, among others.
If you’re just starting out, make sure to check out our guide on how to get a display name on Roblox.
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In preparation for FIFA 23, we’re looking back at the five worst FIFA 22 ratings to highlight who is most deserving of an upgrade.
These five players are most deserving of a major rating upgrade in FIFA 23 after receiving some of the worst ratings in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22’s cycle is slowly coming to an end with players setting their sights on FIFA 23. As the release window for the new game approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the reveal of player ratings.
Each year, player ratings generate a ton of buzz as fans of the franchise discuss which ratings EA perfected, and which ratings fell short of the mark. Of course, player ratings impact all of FIFA 23’s modes, but they usually have the biggest impact on the incredibly popular Ultimate Team mode.
Using FIFA 22 ratings, here are five players who are most deserving of an upgrade in FIFA 23.
While Ramsdale is certainly deserving of an upgrade following his successful season at Arsenal, it’s easy to understand why EA Sports opted for a rating of 74 in FIFA 22. Not only was Ramsdale unproven in the competitive Premier League, but with Bernd Leno as Arsenal’s first-choice keeper, Ramsdale was viewed as a goalkeeper for the future.
Of course, all that changed as Ramsdale earned the number one spot and tallied 34 Premier League appearances and 12 clean sheets for Arsenal in his debut season for the club, which makes him deserving of a much-improved rating in FIFA 23.
Torino was expected to have a truly disappointing 2021/2022 season, but an extremely positive campaign awaited the club instead. The Italian side managed a tenth-place finish in Serie A and this was mostly thanks to the stellar displays from defender Bremer.
Bremer began FIFA 22 as a 76-rated player and has since earned a Serie A defender of the year award, as well as a high-profile move to Juventus. There isn’t a center-back who is more deserving of a FIFA 23 upgrade than Bremer.
Jonathan Clauss may be a defender in FIFA 22, but his style of play as an attacking fullback earned him a few TOTW items and a well-deserved spot on the Ligue 1 TOTS. Much like Bremer, Claus was the reason his Lens side overachieved in 2021/2022 with a seventh-place finish.
Clauss has since moved to Marseille where the RWB will look to improve on his five goals and eleven assists totaled in the previous campaign.
One glance at a Newcastle match and it’s clear to see why Saint-Maximin is deserving of breaking into the 80s in FIFA 23. The winger is a magician with the ball at his feet and is simply a nightmare for opposing defenders to handle.
His pace and dribbling are breathtaking to watch and even with major investment coming into the club and attracting world-class players, Newcastle stated that Saint-Maximin is not for sale.
His goals and assists tally may have been low, but we must remember that he played on a Newcastle side that narrowly avoided relegation last season. With a rejuvenated squad, expect Saint-Maximin to shine as he continues to prove that a rating of 79 would be too low in FIFA 23.
Before succumbing to a cruciate ligament injury that ended his season in March 2022, Florian Wirtz looked like one of the best players in the Bundesliga. Granted the midfielder is only 19 years old and a rating of 78 is quite impressive, but given his impact at Leverkusen, Wirtz is worthy of a FIFA 23 upgrade.
Wirtz accumulated 17 direct goal contributions in 24 Bundesliga games for Leverkusen. If his development continues on this trajectory, expect Wirtz to validate an improved FIFA 23 rating.
For more FIFA, check out our guides on how to score penalties and free kicks in FIFA 23.
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An Apex Legends dev has revealed their main concern when developing Vantage, having serious worries about how their abilities will feel.
The Lead Designer on Apex Legends has spoken out about the fears regarding the introduction and development of Vantage for Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14 is almost among us, leaving players excited for the Level Cap increase, overhauled Kings Canyon map, and new Laser Sight attachment.
The update will not only bring buffs and nerfs to the weapons and Legends, but players will also gain a brand-new Legend in Vantage. The Season 14 Legend brings a unique, Sniper-based kit to the game, which the devs have revealed was a challenging process to develop.
Vantage’s abilities are focused on long-range, her Passive ability allows her to zoom in either unarmed or with a scope and gain information such as Legend name, shield rarity, team size, and range.
Speaking with Dexerto, Lead Designer for Apex Legends Chris Winder revealed that during the development process for Vantage, there were worries that the long-range playstyle would not be satisfying or accessible in a game with so much RNG.
Chris stated that this “problem compounded a little bit because to really play long-range as a sniper in Apex you need a sniper rifle and an optic, so you really need to roll the dice twice.”
In order to counter this worry, the devs felt it was the right choice to give Vantage a custom Sniper Rifle as her Ultimate, so that her long-range playstyle can always be tapped into, no matter what weapons the player chooses to pick up.
Vantage's sniper is an older version of the Sentinel, which she has modified.

First shot = 50 damage + marks target (not a scan).

Follow-up shots on marked target will deal 100 damage. Teammates also do increased damage to marked targets.
“We were worried about that. That was something we were sort of thinking about the whole time. I think having the ultimate as your sniper rifle with an optic on it definitely alleviates those fears, or potential fears, you might have and lets you sort of play into whatever loot game you feel like that game.”
This is also likely why Vantage’s Ultimate is the only one in the game that can be used even if it isn’t fully charged. It has a total of five shots if players charge it to 100%, but every 20% gives the player one bullet to use.
For more on Apex Legends, check out the future gifting system coming to the battle royale and how to get a guaranteed Heirloom in Season 14.
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FIFA 23 Ones to Watch is set to be the first major promo of FUT 23, so here’s everything we know about the event so far.
FIFA 23 Ones to Watch is expected to be the first major promo of this season’s Ultimate Team, celebrating the most exciting moves from the summer transfer window. Here’s how FIFA 23 OTW will work, along with the players likely to feature.

Ones to Watch is always one of the most interesting and exciting promos in any FIFA, mainly because it tends to be the very first major event of the year. FIFA 23 will be no exception, as EA look to shine the spotlight on the biggest transfers of the summer.
FIFA 22 OTW was arguably the biggest ever, as both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo switched clubs in a crazy end to the transfer window. While FIFA 23 OTW is unlikely to have as many groundbreaking signings to choose from, some of the game’s highest-rated players have been on the move.
Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Ones to Watch, from how the cards will work to the players we expect to see.
EA are yet to confirm when FIFA 23 Ones to Watch will kick off, but we can look at previous years to gain a pretty good idea.
Last year, OTW got underway on October 1, the same day as FIFA 22’s worldwide release. With this in mind, we’d expect FIFA 23 OTW to begin on Friday, September 30, 2022.
This is the expected FIFA 23 release date based on various leaks and the usual schedule, but we’ll add new information to this section once it’s available.
FIFA 23 OTW will award special live cards to players who have recently moved to a new club. These dynamic items will go up in rating depending on how well the player performs for their club in real life.
Each time a OTW star is handed a TOTW after a top display in their domestic league, the card will increase in rating and stats to match the most recent one.
For example, in FIFA 22, Dayot Upamecano started out at an 82-rated card after his move to Bayern Munich. But, by the end of the year, he was 87-rated and one of the best center-backs that the Bundesliga had to offer.
They will also receive an extra +1 boost for winning a certain number of matches after the promo begins. Last year, the threshold was five wins out of 10 games after October 2.
We’ll update this section with more specific information once EA officially announces the promo.
The summer transfer window is far from closed, but we’ve already seen some major signings that are a shoo-in to be a FIFA 23 OTW. On top of that, there are plenty of deals that are on the verge of going through that will surely make the cut.
Here are our predictions for FIFA 23 Ones to Watch so far:
We’ll be keeping this page up to date with all the latest confirmed transfers that we think will make the cut in FIFA 23 Ones to Watch, so be sure to keep checking back.
For more on FIFA 23, check out the brand-new Icons and FUT Heroes leaked for the game so far.
Image credits: EA Sports
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