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While the Zara Larsson Roblox event may be over, players can still claim four free items for their avatar and purchase several other clothing items as well. Zara Larsson is the latest celebrity to cross over with Roblox, hosting a launch party event for her new album which released alongside the event. There are several items available for purchase with Robux like sunglasses and a mask, but there’s also an entire outfit that everyone can add to their inventory for free. Here’s how to get all the free Zara Larsson avatar items in Roblox.
There are four free Zara Larsson avatar items that you can claim, and each of them is listed below.
To claim these items, simply click the links above and click Get on each item page. They’ll be added to your account for free. These items were made free to commemorate the Zara Larsson Launch Party event, which took place on May 21. The event was rebroadcasted again on May 22 and May 23, but it has since ended now that her album’s launch period is over.
While not free, there are several Zara Larsson items that players can purchase with Robux. Each paid item is listed below.
Like the free items, these avatar items are still available even though the launch party event has passed. While this event has come and gone, there are always many more Roblox events on the horizon. The Gucci Garden event is currently underway and will be available until the end of May, and there are a few free items that players can claim by visiting the area. There are also a bunch of paid items that players can buy with Robux, and some of these accessories are limited.
Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.


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