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All Star Tower Defense is an extremely popular Roblox tower defense game where you summon famous anime characters to help protect your base from endless waves of enemies.
It’s a pretty challenging game as Roblox games go: so allow us to help by giving you the full list of all All Star Tower Defense codes! We’ll also explain what All Star codes are used for, and how to redeem them.
Here’s the full list of all All Star Tower Defense codes you can use right now to get free gems.
All those above codes work perfectly as of December 2021. Below is a list of expired All Star Tower Defense codes which no longer work. So if you’re trying a code and it doesn’t work, the reason is that it’s expired and won’t work anymore.
100KClypso | 100Ksubnavyxflame | 1billionvisit21drip | 1bvisit1b | 2021memorialday2021x | 2bcodeswagmodeblazeit | 2k20merrychristmas2k20 | 4partyrocking | 4thofjulyupdate | 600klikes | 700mil | addnewunitstobannerfix | anniversaryastd | bigbangrah | biggerthanlife1 | bigtim | codecodeyayhooray | codeoflight | codeofprisma | december2021 | decemberfun2020 | diamondnowina | eastercoda21 | eatlotsonthanksgiving | epicnew | freedom | fromastd | fruit | fruit100k | fruitgame | fruitysubmore | gamebreakingvisits101 | gameon2021 | goldgemgold | handsoftime | happyhalloween2021 | hchgaming | helloworld2021 | howareyoutodaymyfriendo | hunudthousand | igot2look | illbewatchingyou | incredibledayum | isitthenewerayet | jahajha | kelvin500ksubs | KingLuffyFan200k | lateupdatendat | lesgolesgoyuuh | lieawake | likeapartyonthelist | likethegamepog2021 | liketo280k | liketo320k | listentothemusic132 | longmaintenance | longwait | lovetobrazil | lovetofightastd | merrychristmas2k21 | minishutdown | morecodeforyouxd | mrworldwide | mytimerchamber | NAVYXFLAME4CODE | navyxflame80ksubs | NavyxFlameYT60K | nooshutdown | novemberupdate | nowherescoredeal | ohmahgawdskill | omgdiscordpopoff | pert | quickshut | rainmen | roadto300kuwu | robloxyay | rwarhappynewyear2k21 | Sebbydesu9000 | septemberupdate21 | shotofmemories | showmenow | shutdownagaincode21 | smoothcriminal2 | somemorenewcoode | specialkingluffy100k | starshipway | subinferman | SUBTOBLAMSPOT100kBOA | subtome | subtosnuglife | supernaruto | supertime | tacotuesday | thecityofangels | theotheronecode | thisisthenewestcode | thursdayfun | tysmfor1mfavorite | Update53021 | updatebelike | updatejune2021 | winterbreakwhen | wowshutdown | yellowsix
All Star Tower Defense is – you guessed it – a tower defense game, where the “towers” are characters from popular anime. Some of these characters are much stronger than others, so you should get the strongest characters possible if you want to survive against all the oncoming enemies.
You can get new characters by summoning them with gems. There are a few ways to get gems, but the easiest way to get gems is by using All Star Tower Defense codes. Each of the codes in the list above gives you lots of gems for free, which you can use to start summoning lots of new and powerful characters.
To redeem All Star Tower Defense codes, just open up All Star Tower Defense and then click the cog icon in the bottom-right of the screen. Then click on the “Enter Code” box and type in your codes one by one.
When you’re done, just click the cog icon again and you’re all set, with hundreds more gems than you had mere moments earlier. Easy as that!
That’s all we have on the topic of All Star Tower Defense codes; but if you want to kit your Roblox character in all the best free swag, be sure to check out our Roblox promo codes list as well while you’re here. Elsewhere, there’s our list of the best Roblox games to play.
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