Range Rover Sport v Bentley Bentayga – which is best?


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In the market for a posh, luxury SUV that’s also a bit sporty? Then this video is just what you need…

Mat’s got his hands on both the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid & the Range Rover Sport PHEV and they’re going head-to-head over a series of tests to see which is the must-have luxury (but sporty) SUV.

Starting off with the Bentley, it’s powered by a 3-litre turbocharged V6 along with an electric motor to deliver 449hp & 700Nm of torque. It also includes a 17kWh battery pack which is good for 25 miles of electric driving range, and as you’d expect, it comes with an absolutely gorgeous interior! It’ll set you back a fair bit though, with prices starting from £155,000.

Next up we have the Range Rover Sport. The size of the motor is down compared to the Bentley, with a 2-litre 4 cylinder hiding under the bonnet. However, it’ll still deliver a more than sizeable 404hp & 640Nm. And while it has a smaller battery pack compared to the Bentayga (at 13kWh), it’ll still provide you with 25 miles of electric-only driving range.

The Range Rover Sport has one BIG advantage over the Bentley though… It’ll cost you half the price, at just £75,000! So is the Bentley really twice as good as the Range Rover? You’ll need to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:55 Engines
01:44 Town Driving
04:28 Charging & Batteries
05:18 Brakes & Brake Test
06:33 Exterior Design
08:31 Interior
11:03 Motorway Driving
12:34 Back Seats
14:22 Twisty Road Driving
16:21 Boot
17:18 0-60mph
18:14 Verdict

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