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By Ashley Nickel For Daily Mail Australia


The Queensland government announced it will crackdown on e-scooter riders in a new ‘blitz’ targeting speeding, helmet use and mobile phone distraction. 
Speed limits for e-scooter riders travelling on footpaths were introduced in February but the government has warned more regulations will be enforced before the end of the year.
The warning comes as a Reddit user shared a video of police using a speed radar to fine an e-scooter rider on Victoria Bridge, in Brisbane, on Tuesday. 
E-scooter riders in Brisbane (above) will soon be required to wear a helmet and stay off their phones while travelling on public footpaths
E-scooter riders are limited to 12km/h on footpaths and 25km/h on ‘shared’ pedestrian and cyclist paths. Riders caught exceeding the speed limit face fines of $130.
The speeding fine is set to be increased from November 1 alongside the introduction of mandated helmet and bell use for e-scooter riders.
The government said it will also outlaw using a mobile phone while riding on an       e-scooter later this year.
‘We’ll be increasing the penalties for high-risk offences to ensure e-scooter riders are aware of the consequences of unsafe riding,’ Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said.
‘This will include speeding, using a mobile phone while riding and riding on prohibited roads.’
Mr Bailey said the new rules were an important step in ensuring e-scooter are a safe method of transport in Queensland.
‘E-scooters aren’t going anywhere – if anything, their use continues to gain popularity with those who want to leave the car a home or connect with public transport,’ Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said.
The Queensland Government introduced speed limits on footpaths in February but said it will ‘crackdown’ on e-scooter riders further later this year
‘That’s why it’s important we have a plan on how we improve safety for e-scooter riders, and for those who use our cycleways, footpaths and roads.’
Mr Bailey said the government is also working on creating e-scooter parking in high traffic areas and posting speed limit signage.
The crackdown on e-scooter riders is supported by Queensland Police.
‘Earlier this year we announced that speeds would be halved to 12 kilometres per hour on footpaths which was a really important step in reducing dangerous, high-speed interactions between pedestrians and riders,’ he said.
A Redditor shared a video of police using speed radars to fine e-scooter riders on Victoria Bridge, in Brisbane, on Tuesday (above)
‘This was a quick win and pushes us in the right direction to support our transition to larger regulatory reform.
‘The blitzes aim to crack down on people riding in a dangerous manner, which might mean speeding, using a mobile phone, carrying passengers or not wearing a helmet.
‘They will be focusing on the urban areas of Brisbane where e-scooter use is particularly high, so I ask everyone do the right thing – not just when Police are around, but every time you get behind the handlebars.’
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