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“Don’t You Worry. Daddy’s Home.”
In an all-new superhero-themed event, PUBG Mobile is teaming up with Amazon Prime to drop The Boys onto the battlefield.
From June 8, you can take part in the “Supe Spree” where they can work with the series’ protagonist Billy Butcher to investigate the wrongdoings of superheroes. Plus, the game will be incorporating some exclusive The Boys-themed items so players can show off their love for the Emmy-nominated series.
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This collaboration officially kicks off on June 3, the same day that season three of The Boys airs on Prime Video. To celebrate the premiere, PUBG Mobile is offering some exclusive collaboration items. These include iconic superhero suits like that of Homelander, Starlight, and newcomer Soldier Boy. It will also offer players the chance to grab some limited-edition weapon skins, backpacks, and much more. There's even a Supes-themed parachute up for grabs.
Then on June 8, the official The Boys event “Supe Spree” takes place. During the event, players can team up with the show’s morally grey protagonist Billy Butcher to establish their very own investigation team.
This new squad will come in handy as a series of murders begin to terrorise New York City. Someone is mutilating Wall Street brokers and their clients and there are no leads with people demanding answers. It's up to you to find out who is behind the grisly murders. After solving the case, you'll earn your very own Billy Butcher cosmetic.
Anthony Crouts, the Senior Director of Marketing at PUBG shared why this collab is so special: “We always strive to deliver fresh new content to our players and this collaboration gives us the amazing opportunity to integrate real-time elements of The Boys’ new season directly into PUBG MOBILE.”
Alongside the main storyline, the event will feature weekly challenges for players to partake in. Completing these challenges will earn additional rewards and perks. Of course, this event will only be around for a limited time, so make sure you log on beginning June 3 to catch some supes.
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