PS5 Showcase live blog: we’ll be reporting live on the PlayStation 5 event live

The time has finally come for Sony to unveil the official PS5 price and release date – and, we have to say, it’s about time. 

While the company has been slowly drip-feeding us details on the PS5 specs, games, peripherals, and features, there’s still some key information we don’t know yet. For one, we don’t know when the PS5 will launch outside of its confirmed “Holiday 2020” release window (although our money is on November). 

But arguably, most importantly, we don’t know how much the PlayStation 5 – or the PS5 Digital Edition – will cost at launch, or when pre-orders will open. 

In addition, we still don’t know what the PS5 games launch lineup will look like, nor have we had a look at the overhauled PlayStation interface. 

Fortunately, we’re expecting Sony to tie up most (if not all) of these loose ends in just a few hours, during its PS5 Showcase which kicks off at 9pm BST / 1pm PT / 4pm ET (September 17 at 6am AEST).

We’ll be following along all the PS5 Showcase action live right here, including expert commentary and opinion. 

Want to watch the stream alongside our live commentary, then check out our handy guide on how to watch the PlayStation 5 Showcase.

PS5 Showcase live blog

All times in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

7:00am – Hello and welcome to TechRadar’s PS5 Showcase live blog! The time has finally come. It seemed like it never would. It became somewhat of an urban myth – the myth that one day Sony would reveal the PS5 price and release date. But it’s actually (hopefully) happening.

After months of speculation, ‘leaks’, and rumors, Sony will be hosting the PS5 Showcase in just a few hours – where we’re expecting the company to finally give us these key pieces of information – alongside updates on confirmed (and unconfirmed) PS5 games. 

Luckily for you, here at TechRadar we’ll be following the 40-minute showcase live, providing expert commentary and opinion. Make sure you check out our handy guide on how to watch the PlayStation 5 Showcase, so you can watch the stream alongside this live blog. 

Alternatively, you can watch our special reaction stream where our US Computing Editor, Bill Thomas, Senior Computing Editor, Matt Hanson, and Video Producer, Matt Phillips will be reacting live to all the news as it happens. So much choice!

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