PS5 pre-orders live now: where to buy a PlayStation 5

PS5 pre-orders are scheduled to go live September 17, and with the UK getting there slightly earlier, select retailers have already had PS5 pre-orders grace their shelves. This year’s pre-orders are likely to be first come first served, and with retailers like Game and Walmart already opening their own order books, it’s all to play for out there. 

We’re listing all the retailers that have (or have had) PS5 pre-order landing pages, so these are the stores you’ll need to be checking for those early orders. We’ll update with the latest information as it comes through, but the next 24 hours are going to change minute to minute, so it’s best to keep checking back with these retailers if you’re on a serious hunt. 

You can hedge your bets with these individual email notifications, or sign up to TechRadar’s own system – we’ll be bringing you all the best PS5 pre-order deals as soon as they go live so you can head direct to the best retailers. Microsoft has announced its Xbox Series X pre-orders will go live on September 22, so we’re expecting more news from Sony any day now.

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PS5 pre-orders in the US

If you’re shopping in the US, we’d recommend heading to Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop or Walmart for your PS5 pre-order. Best Buy and Amazon will have the stock ready and waiting, whereas GameStop as a more focused retailer is more likely to offer a few incentives alongside your new console. 

However, Walmart has been one of the first US retailers to make a move on PS5 pre-orders, with product listings already available. Be sure to check each retailer, though, as these things can change minute to minute in these early hours. 

Best Buy
Best Buy is still only taking PS5 pre-order registrations at time of writing, however with things moving quickly at other retailers, it’s worth checking if this tech giant has the stock available on the shelves yet.
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Amazon’s PS5 pre-order page remains unchanged at time of writing, only offering the option to register your interest. However, the retailer will likely have a massive supply of PS5 pre-orders on the books, and the infrastructure to support such a large volume of orders, so you’ll have a good shot at securing your own here.
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As a more gaming focused retailer, GameStop will no doubt be offering its fair share of PS5 pre-order slots. Plus, with all its struggles over the past few years, it may also be offering extra incentives to drive shoppers away from the bigger stores. However, many others will be heading here as well, so be sure to get your name on that notification list soon.
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PS5 pre-orders in the UK

September 17 rolled around a lot sooner for UK shoppers, which means more retailers are starting to move on their PS5 pre-orders. Check out the latest for early orders below, but remember everything here is only true at time of writing, so be sure to check your favorite retailers for the best chance. 

Amazon’s PS5 pre-order page has strangely disappeared from the UK store, which means big things are happening behind the scenes. We wouldn’t be surprised if pre-orders went live very shortly here, so we’d keep a finger on that refresh button.
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Add your contact information to Currys’ PS5 interest registration page to get your email address on the list for first notification when PS5 pre-orders to launch. Currys is likely to have a good stash of consoles on the way when they do hit the market, so it’s good to have a strong retailer behind your dash for a unit.
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The Argos PS5 pre-order page is simple right now, but as a less tech-focused retailer you will face a lot less competition when trying to pick up a first wave shipment. You can still register your interest for an email notification here, however.
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If you’re looking to pre-order your PS5 through Very, you can get started by signing up to its own notification page. By registering your interest you’re getting yourself in the best position for when those early purchases go live.
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Game previously had PS5 pre-orders available, the first UK retailer to do so, but they do seem to all be out of stock at time of writing. Selected stores will open at 8am for in-person pre-orders, however.
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