Protect Your Tech – From All Threats🛡️

Maraming kalaban yung computer mo. Protect it against most of the likely threats with Cocogen’s Pro Tech Insurance. This type of insurance is the first of it’s kind, at least that I’ve heard about, in the Philippines.

Starting premiums are very reasonable at PHP1,000 for desktop and PHP1,500 for laptops.

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Hardware Sugar is a boutique computer store in Makati. We focus on having cool parts for cool people. Since we’re always playing around with tech in the shop we decided why not film some of the components we have.So that led to unboxings, reviews and just general tips on building,maintaining a computer. Occasionally that also means dipping into cellphone reviews, investment options, car reviews, vlogs on how it’s like to run a PC shop. We don’t know everything but we try to share what we do know in a way which is easy to understand for PC newbies.

FYI on the product: This is a sponsored video. We received compensation to highlight certain features of the product.

Episode 148x41x21 – Pro Tech Insruance

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