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Dan February 23, 2022 Research, Technology, This Land of Ours, USDA-NRCS
The program working to deliver state-of-the art plant science technology to meet identified conservation needs. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.
The Brooksville Plant Materials Center is one of 25 Plant Material Centers, strategically located throughout the nation, that are working to deliver state-of-the-art plant science technology to meet identified conservation needs.
Located just north of Brooksville, Florida and about 15 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, the site includes 53 acres of cleared fields to use for plant research and production and 116 acres of woodland on the property as well as an office building and other facilities.
Improving the health of soils used for cropland and grazing lands is the principal resource concern on which the Brooksville PMC is focusing its research efforts. Other resource concerns that are continuing to be addressed: plants and plant technology to improve water quality, provide wildlife habitat, controlling erosion, and increasing forage production.
Listen to Cathy Isom’s This Land of Ours program here.
14119 Broad St.
Brooksville, FL 34601
Phone: (352) 796-9600
Fax: (855) 465-7547

M.J. (Mimi) Willliams, PMC Manager
Phone: (352) 796-9600, ext. 3830

Victor Guerra, Agronomist
Phone: (352) 796-9600, ext. 3831

Jacob Sparger, Biological Science Technician
Phone: (352) 796-9600, ext. 3836

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