Prithviraj’s Kaduva is an action packed-thriller | Quick Review


It’s been nearly two decades since the Shaji Kailas magic worked its charm on the audience. The director of superhit movies like ‘Aaram Thamburan’ and ‘Narasimham’ may have been struggling for years to revive that charm, but with ‘Kaduva’, it looks like the senior filmmaker has finally found his pace with the audience, again.

The movie can easily be called Shaji’s comeback movie. Though it definitely is no ‘Aaram Thamburan’ nor ‘Commissioner’, the movie has that kind of content which will definitely pull an audience who love mass action entertainers to the theaters.

‘Kaduva’, scripted by Jinu Abraham and starring Prithviraj and Vivek Oberoi, is set in Pala in the 1990’s when mobile phones and luxury cars were yet to penetrate the market. Kaduvakunnel Kuriachan, played by Prithviraj, is a rich cardamom plantation owner who also owns bars. He has two sidekicks, his former teacher Varkey, played by Alancier, and Korah.

He soon locks horns with his fellow church member and Police IG Ouseph Chandy, who has powerful connections in the government.

Though the movie is a little predictable, the makers surprise us with twists and turns, which help in building the suspense of the film. The power-punched dialogues and top-level action sequences elevate the movie to another level.

Prithviraj keeps proving he is good in pulling off mass-entertainers and delivering what his audience wants. 

The music and BGM by Jakes Bejoy is also impressive. Overall, the film is a good watch in theatres.