Poll: What is the ideal screen size for a smartphone?

For several years now, smartphone displays have been growing steadily and bezels have been shrinking. Now that smartphones are coming in larger sizes, with few compact options left in the market, we want to know: What screen size do you prefer for your smartphone?

Given the sheer number of smartphone users, manufacturers have had to adapt their devices to the whims of the majority. Recently, it’s been all about bezel-less displays, making it difficult to find smartphones with a screen size smaller than 5 inches in 2019. In the future, foldable smartphones could make compact devices popular again, while still offering a big screen.

androidpit oneplus 7 pro vs galaxy s10 plus hero 2
Do you prefer smartphones that are big or small? AndroidPIT

In this week’s poll, we want your opinion on the matter. So, what do you think is the ideal display size? Does the screen have to be huge in order to get the most out of the multimedia content, or is a smaller size and easy transportability best? Or, maybe the size of the screen doesn’t matter because other factors are more important (brand, performance, etc). Let us know your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll below!

The choice is yours!

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