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For the first time in 2022, Pokémon GO will feature monthly catch-a-thons called Spotlight Hour. You’ll get 2x Transfer Candy, Catch Candy, or Catch Stardust each week in January thanks to four new Spotlight Hour Pokémon! To teach you the Spotlight Hour Bonus Pokémon, we’ve created this tutorial. For all you Shiny collectors out there, we’ll also detail if these Spotlight Hour Pokémon are available in Shiny form throughout their heightened spawn hour.
From 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on the days indicated, the following spotlight hours will take place. Niantic will flood your local streets with Spotlight Hour Pokémon for sixty minutes, regardless of where you are. Let’s get into this month’s Spotlight Hour Pokémon.
As of January 4, 2022, this is the first Spotlight Hour Pokémon. In order to complete your Pokédex, you must have 125 Candy. The professor will reward you with 2x Transfer Candy if you transfer any spare Solosis to him before the hour is up.
Due to the nature of the event, Solosis is the only Pokémon on the lineup, not Shiny. The increased Solosis spawns are still worth exploiting so you have enough Candy to completely evolve and battle-ready your special Pokémon when the Shiny form appears in the wild!
For January’s second Spotlight Hour, Diglett rises from the ashes. In addition to the 2x Catch Stardust benefit, this Ground-type will spawn in large quantities on January 11th. As its development Dugtrio can still punch above its weight in the Great League, it’s recommended grabbing any Diglett you can.
A Shiny Diglett might appear during the sixty minutes of this month’s second Spotlight Hour. You’ll need to keep an eye out for Shiny Diglett’s minor color change.
Catching this Electric-type Pokémon during its Spotlight Hour on January 18th could help you start the year off right. Also obtainable in Shiny form during the event, Plusle is the first of two supercharged mouse Pokémon to arrive in January.
Minun is the polar opposite of Plusle in January 2022. You can add both Shiny versions of Plusle and Minun to your roster before the end of the month by catching them during the Spotlight Hour. Also, Professor Minun gladly doubles any Candy for transferred Pokémon.
For January 2022, these are the Spotlight Hour Pokémon. Learn how to power up Pokéstops and get the most out of your in-game goodies with this Niantic AR hit game tutorial! Then read our tips for dealing with the Team Rocket tyrant Giovanni before the month ends.

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Free Freddy is an early goal in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach that involves liberating the brown bear from his room. To complete this assignment, players must obtain a Freddy Photo Pass, which is not located in-game. Fortunately, finding a Freddy Photo Pass in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is not difficult, and this tutorial will help.
Fans seeking the Freddy Photo Pass should first position themselves in front of the door to Freddy’s room, which can only be opened if the Photo Pass is obtained. Turn around and walk towards the enormous roll-up door ahead and to the left. When approaching this door, fans should crawl through the gap if possible.
Once past the rollup door, players should see a cutout of Freddy wearing an astronaut helmet against the opposite wall. The Freddy Photo Pass is immediately in front of this cutout, and players who interact with it will receive it. Then return with the Photo Pass to the previous door to free Freddy.
After completing Free Freddy, players will be able to take on another assignment in the game. To begin the mission, players must hop inside Freddy and ride him to the Pizzaplex’s main lobby, a difficult journey. FNAF: Security Breach players will need to avoid opponents in this section of the game.
But this isn’t the last time gamers will have to avoid animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. After entering the Pizzaplex lobby, players must do several evasive moves in the dark to avoid another terrifying adversary. While fans can eventually remove this darkness, it does briefly increase the chase’s intensity.

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In Roblox, Muscle Legends coupons can gain you free goods such as gems, strength and agility boosts, or pets to help you train and fight to become the strongest. There are a few codes to use in January 2022.
The game’s pet feature allows you to acquire a variety of different pets to help you out. They’re not only cute — they have stat perks that can assist you out in a hurry.
We’ve gathered all of the current codes for January 2022 to help you beat the toughest challenges in Roblox Muscle Legends.
We’ve listed all of the January codes available here. These are confirmed to work in-game as of December 29, 2021. Keep checking back weekly as we’ll post any new codes here.
Redeeming codes in the game is simple and only takes a few steps:
Done! If you supplied a Strength code, your character will instantly change. If you correctly redeem Agility codes, you will receive gems and an increase in speed.
As stated previously, these codes are required to be redeemed in order to receive the game’s finest bonuses. Stat boosts might improve your Strength or Agility.

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January 2022 is no exception, with intriguing rewards available for those wishing to make their time in-game a little easier. To unlock new characters like Shenhe in the next 2.4 updates, you’ll need to collect a lot of Primogems. Follow this guide to discover Genshin Impact Codes for January 2022.
While Genshin Impact’s enormous Teyvat universe can be explored for free, using the offered free coupons can provide you with some extra benefits.
These sparkling gems are used to buy Acquaint and Intertwined Fates (Gacha) and to replenish the game’s stamina mechanism (Original Resin). Here are all of the Genshin Impact codes available in January 2022.
Every month, players can enter codes in Genshin Impact to win useful goodies. There is only one (so far!) valid for January, and it is listed below for you to claim your rewards:
50 Primogems / 3 Hero’s Wit
Some unique codes from the Genshin Impact Version 2.4 webcast have expired, so we’ve added them to the list below. Return to your game after activating the codes. In-game notification if done correctly. To claim your prizes, simply select ‘Mail’ from the pause menu.
The above codes will provide you with Primogems, Mora, and character experience. Not bad for a quick job. Prime Gaming also offers added perks.
Redeeming codes on PS4 and PS5 is also simple:
Done! Your gift will be available in-game after you see the notification “Redeemed successfully!”
To get these codes, you must first reach Adventure Rank 10. Your daily commissions and main/side tasks can help you get there quicker.
Once you’ve attained Adventure Rank 10, go to the Genshin Impact official website on PC and do the following:
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