Podcasting mic showdown | Yeti Blackout vs Trust Gaming GXT vs Razer Siren Emote vs MXL 990 Blaze

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It feels like everyone and their grandma has a podcast these days – Including us here at TechRadar! Check out the Noise Cancelling Podcast here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2WYViAX9KU

Podcasting can be a really fun and easy way to delve into the subjects you love the most, whether you’re a true crime buff or a poetry know-it-all.

That is, it’s easy if you have the right equipment. If you’ve recently looked for the best podcasting microphones online, you may have come across a few of these. So we thought we’d put them through their paces in an effort to find the best podcasting mic for us… and hopefully you too.

First up is the Yeti Blackout, a great all-round mic with the excellent build quality.
Then, the Trust Gaming GXT 258 FYRU USB microphone. This mic comes with some really neat user-friendly features and a terrible name.
The Razer Siren Emote has some really unique features and could put you above and beyond in a very competitive twitch streaming market place.
And last but not least the MXL 990 Blaze. This mic is a little different from the others on the list but packs a punch at a lower price.

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