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Mobile service is due to be back up and running in Spalding by tomorrow.
South Holland has been plagued by technical issues this week – with mobile phone service blackouts and internet outages affecting residents at the same time.
Many Spalding town centre residents and businesses have had a lack of mobile phone service since Tuesday – but problems are due to end this weekend.
According to reports, people connected to providers such as O2, Vodafone, Sky Mobile and Giff Gaff have been unable to make calls, send texts or access the internet.
O2 apologised and said it is carrying out ‘upgrade work’ in the area.
Its signal tracker service explained: “Everything should be back to normal by 8pm on Saturday September 24”.
Customers with EE, however, have been unaffected – and the issue does not appear to have caused problems for those outside Spalding.
The Spalding Guardian understands a town mast, believed to be run by O2 and Vodafone, has been down.
A Lincolnshire Police spokesman urged residents to keep calling 999 during emergencies even if they have no phone signal – promising they will still be able to get through.
Several public service websites and phone systems also went down on Wednesday morning – reportedly due to a large outage affecting businesses right across Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.
The issue was reported to be affecting councils, schools and libraries.
The South East Lincolnshire Partnership – which includes South Holland District Council – tweeted: “The council’s internet and site link service providers have advised that there is a large outage impacting a number of organisations in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.
“During this time, there may be service disruption issues for residents and businesses using our website.
“Our suppliers are working to resolve the outage as quickly as possible and we will update once it has been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”
Lincolnshire Police said that it appeared as though the internet issues related to a problem with the broadband itself – and that there was ‘no indication’ that this was down to anything other than a technical issue.
The phone signal issue is not thought to be linked to the broadband outage, but the emergence of the two together has caused headaches for businesses and services.