Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Go Instagram Official After Dropping West From Her Last Name


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Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian go Instagram official after dropping West from her last name #Pete #Davidson #Kim #Kardashian #Instagram #official #dropping #West Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson have made their relationship public on Instagram. A month after sparking romance reports, Kim and the “Saturday Night Live” star made their first appearance on social media Friday.

Kim Kardashian Makes Relationship Official With Pete Davidson

On Friday, the 41-year-old businesswoman shared photos of PDA moments with her boyfriend. This is the first time she has featured him on her Instagram account. Kim even borrowed Kim’s sunglasses for some comical, black-and-white selfies with the actor from King of Staten Island. The photos appeared to be candid, and the couple looked like they were having fun taking them.

In these pictures, the couple appears to be wearing the same outfits they wore on Valentine’s Day. That suggests that they were taken in February. Davidson had reportedly reserved the Carlyle Hotel for the V-Day weekend with Kardashian.

Paparazzis have been snapping photos of the couple all over the country for a long time. But this social media posting takes things to another level. Kim just became legally single last week, which helps explain the timing of the pictures, although it is not entirely coincidental. Peter and Kim rekindled their relationship during Pete’s hosting of Saturday Night Live on October 9. In a skit, Peter portrayed Aladdin and Kim played Jasmine. A source close to Pete told Daily Mail that he’s “lovestruck” by Kim since the couple started dating five months ago.

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