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Check out the new Pet Legends 2 codes, a classic Roblox game about collecting and playing with loads of different pets.
Pet Legends 2 is a brand-new Roblox game all about collecting pets! Choose between a cat, a bear, or a dog to get you started, then send them out to destroy crystals, treasure chests, and gold piles. With any money you earn, you can unlock eggs and open them for a chance to get even more powerful and cute creatures!
The game receives regular updates – just like the new Halloween update we've added some codes for below – and new codes are typically released to celebrate these updates or milestones.
We added a new code on November 15. Check them out below!
Here are all the working codes for Pet Legends 2 in November 2022.
Roblox codes are case-sensitive – that means you need to enter the codes exactly as they appear above in the table, with all capital letters, punctuation, and numbers.
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Here's how to get your free boosts and rewards in Pet Legends 2.
Code not working? If the code gives you an "invalid" message this means it is a) expired, or b) entered incorrectly. Double-check your spelling, and if that still doesn't do the job, come back soon to see if any new codes have been added with an update or milestone.#
Pet Legends 2 codes are free rewards handed out by the dev team at IGG Games, the team behind the game. These codes are can usually be redeemed for free coin and luck boosts, and they are usually added if there is a new update or like milestone hit. The next code will be released at 15k likes! Go like the game.
You can always check our page to see if any new codes have been added – we check whenver there is a new update or milestone just around the corner. Alternatively, follow the instructions in-game or click this link to follow the developer's official Twitter.
Pet Legends 2 is a classic type of Roblox game – one where you need to collect pets, send them out to smash treasure and collect coins, and then purchase new eggs to hopefully get your hands on the rarest pets in the game. As you play, you unlock more creatures, earn more gold, and then smash your way into new areas of the maps. New areas mean new treasure, and that means new eggs! Can you build a cute army of Pet Legends?
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