Payal Rohatgi breaks down as she reveals she can’t have children, Sangram Singh says ‘surrogacy, adoption always an option’


On Thursday’s episode of Lock Upp, Payal Rohatgi was seen crying as she opened her heart in front of women co-contestants. She shared that she has not been able to conceive for a long time, and that has led to a delay in her marriage. She revealed that she also tried IVF but that also failed. She said that she asked fiance Sangram Singh to marry another girl and have a family but he stood by her. When reached out to Sangram about the same, he said that the medical issue cannot be a reason to end his relationship with Payal.

“It was emotional to see Payal opening up about this subject on camera. But she is an amazing human being and I feel lucky to have her in my life. She did tell me to marry someone else but I love her and cannot live without her. I don’t think only having a child together can prove the love we have for each other. There are other means to express our love. Adoption and surrogacy can always be an option. I have always told her the same. I feel sad for her because her crazy DNA will not be passed on to her child, but I think she will bring up a baby just like her,” the former wrestler said.


While a couple can make such decisions based on their love for each other, when families get involved, it’s a different game altogether. However, the sportsman said that his family is very ‘mature and understanding’. “Yes, all these can become a major issue in families but I have spoken to my parents and they are very supportive. I think education doesn’t come only from books as my parents understand love and family,” he said.

Recently when Sangram Singh had entered Lock Upp, he had proposed marriage to Payal Rohatgi. He shared that while he hadn’t planned to do it, he went on to express his feelings. “She is doing a fabulous job in the show. While I was there to just boost her up, I ended up asking for marriage. It has been on my mind and hopefully, in July we will tie the knot. It’s long due after all,” he added.

As for his fiancee’s game, the wrestler said that she is a good-hearted person and gets manipulated quite easily. Sangram added, “Payal is such a wonderful person and takes care of everyone around her. I feel lucky to have her in my life. With the strength that she has played the game with, she deserves to win. And it’s not just me but audiences too feel the same. Honestly, she believes in expressing herself with clear thoughts. The cases that were filed against her was also because she expressed herself.”

On the show and even on social media, trends like ‘Save Sangram’ took place given Payal’s strong personality. Sharing that he accepts her as she is, Sangram added, “No one except me knows the real Payal. I am not an active social media user and don’t really get bothered by these trolls. She is an amazing woman and we don’t need to prove it to anyone. I am not someone who understands voting and PR, all I can do is just appeal to our fans to support her”

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