Overclocker pushes Intel Rocket Lake-S processor to 6.9GHz

A mysterious overclocker this week was shown on video apparently pushing a new Intel Rocket Lake-S processor to an incredible 6.9GHz. 

The video, published to Twitter by VWorld, shows the unnamed extreme overclocker pushing the new CPU which is expected to be unveiled at CES 2021 next week. 

The eight-core processor, which appears to have been running on a Gigabyte Z590 motherboard, was tested on CPU-Z, which lists the CPU instruction sets that it can run, including AVX512F and SHA – neither of which are available on Comet Lake-S processors, so it’s almost certainly a soon-to-be-announced Rocket Lake-S processor.

The video also shows that the memory was overclocked to a jaw-dropping 6.666GHz, using 1.83V of power.  

As Videocardz points out, this could very well be someone brought in by Intel itself to build some hype for their new processors ahead of their announcement, especially since the initial tweet tagged several hardware news outlets in an effort to spread the news.

Intel could really use some good news this year

Ahead of CES, Intel appears especially eager to get some good news to start off the new year. With its arch-rival AMD now running ahead of it on desktop CPU market share and Apple successfully moving its laptops off of Intel chips and onto its own M1 chip, Intel has taken a number of hits lately.

Next week’s CES gives Intel a chance to reset the narrative and reestablish itself. With its difficulties in moving to a 7nm architecture for its processors and past security issues, Intel has an uphill climb, but it’s still too soon to count out Team Blue. We’ll see what they have to say next week, but the stakes are definitely higher than they were last year.  

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