Orangutan adopts 3 tiger cubs, lovingly feeds and plays with them


Most of the people love watching animal videos. Animals often understand when another animal is in need despite lack of verbal communication.

An old beautiful video featuring an orangutan lovingly feeding and playing with three baby tiger cubs has resurfaced. In the video, an orangutan at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina is seen who apparently adopted three tiger cubs, becoming their ‘surrogate mother’.

In the video, the kind and nurturing orangutan is found feeding, playing with the adorable baby tiger cubs and showering them with love. The orangutan can be seen feeding the baby tigers milk out of a bottle and then embracing and cuddling with them just like a mother.

The video has made the netizens emotional. The love and kindness of the animal has left many of them teary-eyed.

The compassionate gesture of the orangutan has won many people’s hearts. Many of them have commented that animals are much better than humans.

 Love is the force binding and protecting every form of life on Earth. If we all start caring for, not just humans, but other creations of God, too, we can surely help sustain life,” twitterati wrote.