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OnePlus makes an emphatic return to the mid-range

Deputy Editor John McCann and Phones Editor James Peckham sit down to chat all about the OnePlus Nord.

The OnePlus Nord represents an emphatic return to the combination of style, features and affordability that made the brand stand out when it arrived on the smartphone scene in 2014 with the OnePlus One.

It offers an almost-flagship experience, at a comfortably lower price tag than the OnePlus 8 series, blending premium design, slick performance and great cameras for a heady mix of smartphone satisfaction.

The difference between 2014 and 2020 however, is that the market has moved on significantly, and OnePlus is no longer the challenger brand looking to upset the apple cart. The OnePlus Nord finds itself in a crowded mid-market filled with equally feature-rich devices, making it tougher for the phone to stand out.

The OnePlus Nord price is eye-catching though, and the handset offers plenty for your money. OnePlus says the Nord is “pretty much everything you could ask for”, and it’s got a point.

There’s a sizable display offering a smooth user experience, enough power under the hood, and plenty of cameras, all wrapped up in a premium design. It looks good, it feels good in the hand, and it performs superbly.

With so many cameras – OnePlus has possibly gone a little over the top here – you get a wide range of photography options from portrait and macro to ultra-wide and nightscape modes, plus 4K video recording at 30fps with both the front and rear cameras. There’s also up to a 10x zoom, plus slow-motion video recording at 1080p and 240fps.

The negative points on the OnePlus Nord are minor: there’s no headphone jack, no IP rating for dust and water resistance, and no wireless charging on offer.

The battery life is average – it should see you through a day, but this is a phone you’ll need to be charging every night – and there’s not much room for notification icons across the top of the display, thanks to the dual selfie cameras.
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