Oculus rift and the future of VR: the next wave of virtual reality

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It’s been a slow start for the Oculus Rift. Years after Palmer Luckey piqued the interest of the tech world with his crowdfunded pitch, and just shy of a year after its consumer launch, the virtual reality pin-up device has yet to break into the mainstream.

While neither HTC with the Vive nor Oculus owners Facebook are disclosing exact sales numbers, Sony announced bullishly last month that it is approaching the million sales mark for its PlayStation VR headset. Extrapolating from market factors and developer whisperings, analysts are now stating that Sony could be outselling rival Rift and Vive devices by as many as three to one.

We talk to David Yee, the executive producer at Oculus VR on the new range of games and content and the future of the VR.