Nvidia GeForce Now Leak has Revealed Unannounced Upcoming Major Video Game Titles (2021) (Sinhala) – Tech4mag-DiQxClGxdug


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It’s rare that project codenames are divulged publicly until long after official reveal/release of games or consoles. Things like Project Scorpio (Xbox One X) and Xbox Scarlett (Xbox Series X), or Project Athia (Forspoken) and Project A (Valiant), are recent examples of consoles and games discovered beforehand. Of course, all of those examples are thanks to leaks or reports that discover them beforehand. One recent major leak is courtesy of a data mine from Nvidia GeForce Now’s library, comprised of several thousand upcoming and unannounced PC titles. While there are several interesting potential revelations in the leak, the codenamed projects are the most perplexing.

Among potentially exciting leaks like Final Fantasy 9 Remake or God of War’s PC port, there were several games from high-profile studios listed under codenames. Ranging from studios and publishers like Activision Blizzard, EA, Ubisoft, 2K, Xbox Game Studios, and more, this Nvidia leak could potentially be hiding several hints towards upcoming games. However, “potentially” is being particularly generous; Nvidia has since stated that this list is real, but is filled with “speculative titles.” To some extent, that is true, as there are some since-canceled projects still on this list. That being said, that doesn’t entirely rule out the accuracy of the unidentified projects.

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