nurses: International Nurses Day 2022: Day, Significance and Poem


May 12 is observed as an International Nurses Day across the world to honour their services towards humanity. It is the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the English social reformer, statistician and founder of Modern Nursing. This day is dedicated to that strong pillar of health care system, who work day and night for the people.
Florence Nightingale is considered as the founder of Modern Nursing and her birthday was celebrated as an International Nurses Day. In 1974, the International Council of Nurses declared the International Nurses day to be celebrated. On this day, the International Council of Nurses distributes kits to Nurses which include many things related to their work. This day is commemorates to show the gratitude towards the Nurses as Health Care System is incomplete without their cooperation and service.
For more than two years, the whole world is fighting with the corona epidemic and our corona warriors contributing the most to it, not only themselves but their near and dear ones also lost their lives. We are talking about the forefront warriors who put in their best efforts even taking the risk of their life and they are the doctors and the nurses. While the doctors played such a great role in curing the patients, the nurses spent their days and nights serving the patients. Never before in the past, the world has seen such a time that even family members were advised to stay away from those patients but the nurses were working 24*7 without keeping any distance and not fearing about their own life.
When the covid19 did not made its presence, the nurses had always been regarded as the great serving individuals after the mother. After corona pandemic, no one was ready to be on the side of a covid patient and there was only hope in the form of a Nurse doing everything from washing the body, putting clothes, giving medicine and oxygen, regularly checking pulse, oxygen level, blood pressure level, sugar level. Though it was the duty of the nurse but the risk of the life and nurses never gave up. In short the services of the nurses are regarded as noble work. Their contribution will never go unnoticed. When everybody was rushing to save themselves from this corvid 19, nurses and doctors are the only one who worked tirelessly day and night.
Dedicate these lines to all the Nurses you know on the special Day of International Nurses Day and make them feel extra special and honoured
When The World Was In Fear !
Only You Were Near !!
You Were Working Day and Night !
For People You Were The Only Light !!
You Proved Your Worth !
You Are An Angel On Earth !!
We know The Time Was Really Tough !
You Gave Your Hundred Percent
But That Was Still Not Enough !!
You Even Sacrificed Your Life !
You Were Somebody’s Mother Or Wife !!
We all Know You Are There For Us To Protect !
We Want To Thank You With All The Due Respect !!