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SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Multiple mobile homes and vehicles have been left charred in Southwest Miami-Dade after a fire broke out overnight.
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews worked for hours on Sunday morning to put out the blaze near Southwest 160th Street and 200th Avenue.
“Just heavy fire, heavy fire, huge column of smoke that was pushing through the sky when we got here,” said MDFR Lt. Matt Mandel.
Hours later, 7News cameras captured the remains of one of the mobile homes.
Speaking in Spanish, this mobile home’s owner, who identified himself as Federico, said he and his family have lost everything.
“We didn’t have time to take our clothing, and so, now we have nothing,” he said.
All he has left, he said, are the shoes on his feet and the clothes on his back.
“I’m worried because I have no money. I’m working, yes, but I’m not earning a lot,” he said.
Cameras captured large flames roaring through multiple mobile homes.
The fire started in a neighbor’s driveway, burning four cars before spreading to two mobile homes.
Federico said he heard an explosion and hurried to get his family out alive.
“I told my son and the other boy, ‘Let’s go! We need to get out,’” he said. “If we didn’t get out, we would have burned in there and died.”
Fortunately, no one was hurt.
Firefighters worked vigorously throughout the night to knock down the flames.
“Our crews got in there quick, put water on it and got a good knockdown,” said Mandel.
But everything Federico and his loved ones owned was turned into black ashes and burnt pieces. He said he has nowhere to go but forward.
“I’m sad, but what am I going to do?” he said.
Investigators have not released the cause of the fire, but Federico said he believes it was electrical.
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