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LEBANON, N.J. — Across New Jersey, several gas stations lowered their price Friday to advocate for self-serve fueling.
The group, Fuel Your Way NJ, said all gas would be cheaper if attendants weren’t required to pump gas for drivers.
Phillips 66 gas station off Route 22 in Lebanon, New Jersey, has signs showing how many pumps it would be able to have open if it didn’t need to have an attendant on duty. It also lowered the price.
The average price for a gallon of gas in New Jersey is $4.49, according to GasBuddy, but Phillips 66 was charging $4.43 on Friday.
Dozens of gas stations across the state were taking part in the demonstration. Their argument is that offering drivers the choice to pump their own gas would be the fastest way to bring down prices.
New Jersey is currently the only state in the nation that does not offer a self-serve option.
“I like the idea of bringing down the cost of gas, said Gregg Peluso, a New Jersey driver. “I think we all love that right now, and anything that you can do to bring down the cost of gas I think is a good thing,”
But of course, there’s another side to the issue. Offering people the option to pump their own gas could mean eliminating gas attendant jobs.
On its website, the Fuel Your Way NJ group argues that many workers could simply be used in other ways, and many of the jobs would not be eliminated.
But there’s also a debate about how much effect on price the move would ultimately have. In Pennsylvania, where self-serve gas is the norm, gas is 8 cents higher, on average, according to GasBuddy, but Pennsylvania also has a state gas tax of nearly 58 cents per gallon compared to New Jersey’s tax of 42.4 cents.

Every driver we spoke with was concerned self-serve could put people out of work.
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