NFTs – Why Should I Care? | Seriously? Episode 7

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Matt and his guests dive into the controversial world of NFTs to find out what they are, how you make one, how you buy one, and ultimately, should you care about them? Along the way, discussion turns to art, the environment, group-think, basketball, and the power of Elon Musk’s tweets.

Host: Matt Phillips
Guests: Hamish Hector (Staff Writer, TechRadar), Sean Riley (Senior Writer, Laptop Mag), Henry T. Casey (Senior Editor, Tom’s Guide)

00:00 Intro
00:15 Title card & introductions
01:15 Hamish opening statement
01:38 Henry opening statement
02:03 Sean opening statement
02:40 What is an NFT?
03:45 Where is the value?
04:45 Is it all hype?
06:40 What are the benefits for an artist?
07:40 Will NFTs continue to grow in popularity?
08:40 Basketball highlights as NFTs
09:55 Rewarding super fans
11:12 Like membership to a club whose value could go up
13:14 How do you make an NFT?
15:55 Environmental concerns
18:20 If I buy one, what do I do with it?
19:40 What is the one thing you’d buy as an NFT if it came out tomorrow?
24:15 Will NFTs still be a thing in 10 years?

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