Neha Dhupia got 600 messages after her wedding to Angad Bedi, but they weren’t congratulatory texts. Here’s what they said


Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s low key wedding ceremony on May 10, 2018, left her many friends surprised, and a few angry as well. The couple planned everything in just two days as Angad didn’t want Neha to change her mind. They got married in a traditional Anand Karaj ceremony at a Delhi gurudwara. On Tuesday, the couple celebrates four years of being married, and we take a look at how their love story panned out over a course of time.

As per Neha, it was Angad who first saw her at a Delhi gym and then only he decided, ‘I’m going to get to know her one day.’ Later, the two stars met at a mutual friend’s party. “It was just us standing in the balcony. I saw a different side of him–beyond the jokes and wit, there was a sensitive man,” Neha had said about meeting Angad during an interview with Humans Of Bombay.

Eventually, the couple became friends, and Angad used to look up to Neha when he missed home food. He even called her after his break-up. Neha had shared how Angad could do anything to spend time with her. And, his proposal for marriage was similar to none. Instead of proposing to Neha, Angad directly went to her home and asked told her parents he wants to marry her. “I had no idea about it! This was when I was dating someone else. When Angad met my boyfriend, he was nice to him, but wasn’t subtle about his love for me,” Neha had said.

After Neha’s parents agreed, the couple flew to Delhi for their wedding. It was attended by only their close friends and family members. Once they announced their wedding on social media, it came as a shock to their friends from the film industry. During an interview with Filmfare, Neha revealed, “When I checked my phone after putting up the Instagram post announcing my marriage, I had around 600 messages that read, ‘What the f**k!’ instead of ‘Congratulations’.”

The couple didn’t get all the good wishes when they announced their wedding. Neha had in a video recalled people’s reactions when she was questioned for marrying so late. She said, “We had a low-key wedding and that was an invitation for a lot of judgment. ‘Ladki ne late shaadi ki na (Oh, the girl got married so late)?’ ‘Achcha, ladka chhota hai ladki se (Oh, the man is younger than the woman)?’”

Neha and Angad are now parents of two kids. They welcomed their daughter Mehr Dhupia Bedi on November 18, 2018. Their son Guriq Dhupia Bedi was born on October 3, 2021.

On their fourth marriage anniversary, check out some dreamy pictures from their wedding ceremony:

On Tuesday, Angad wished Neha on their fourth wedding anniversary on social media. Sharing a few clips from their wedding day, Angad wrote on Instagram that life has been good with the Tumhari Sulu actor but he also joked about her spending a lot of money.

Angad wrote in Punjabi, “Happy 4 years Mrs Bedi!! 10 th may 2018-2022 chaar saal pehle bundah aandar hoya si.. aaj vi aandar hi hai!! Vyah ton pehlaan paise vi nahi si.. na si kharche.. but then again .. you weren’t there..naa si mehr naa si guriq. Sab kuch vadhiya in chaar salaan vich.. bas kharche karo khatt!! 🤣😂 jokes apart you have given me soo much and kept this wonderful home together. Its always the most special feeling spending time with you. fighting.. screaming.. crying..its all there!! I know you have my back and i have yours 😋. Lets not plan.. lets be like water and find our own shape and form. Here is to living life to its fullest. Waheguru mehr kare. @nehadhupia.”

Neha also posted a collage of pictures from their four years of marriage and wrote, “4 years … 2 babies and a lifetime together … #happyanniversary my love @angadbedi ♥️”