My Tech Journey E01 – Shashank Mishra | Data Engineer at Amazon | Choosing a Career Path

Welcome to My Tech Journey, where we will talk about the most unconventional, the most daring, and the most rewarding personal stories from around the tech industry in India.
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This series focuses on stories of working professionals from the day they decided to be part of the world of technology. The situations they faced as students; irrespective of the backgrounds they came from is openly shared by these individuals. The decisions they took at certain instances of life which stopped them from exploring a new world to the decisions which changed their life are being highlighted with the sole purpose of motivation you to be bigger and better in your career. A particular start is never the end of possibilities and these possibilities are what we are trying to emphasize and want you to inculcate from the experiences of these individuals.

Shashank Mishra, a Data Engineer at Amazon shares his past experiences and what his journey has been from his school days to this point where he is a part of one of the global product-based companies.

Watch as real people share real stories about challenges faced in a career in the tech industry and how they navigated them to set themselves up for success.

Learn from their mistakes and experiences. Tune in to listen to some of the most inspiring people narrate their journey and give us a blueprint to follow for each step of the way.

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