Motorola Razr Review | The Motorola Razr folds, but at a high price

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TechRadar’s Review:
The Motorola Razr is an inspired effort to liberate the world from the boredom of the dominant glass rectangle phone design. While it does offer a foldable form factor that minimizes its footprint and allows it to fit in smaller pockets and pulls off some awesome selfies, the phone cuts corners to achieve its diminutive size, with less power, onboard storage, and battery capacity. All told, this would be a serious challenger for the budget flagship crowd; however, it is more expensive than the newly released Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which tackles the same clamshell design more elegantly.

You can say this for the phone: both its perks and its drawbacks are extreme. On the plus side, it’s the first clamshell foldable to market, with an unprecedented format that halves the smartphone’s footprint and cashes in on nostalgia with a design that evokes the legendary original Razr V3…

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