Motorola One Zoom boasts quad-camera array and is coming to the U.S.

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Motorola today announced the Motorola One Zoom during the IFA trade show in Berlin. The One Zoom is the first from Motorola to ship with a quad-camera array on the back, putting it in line with offerings from the likes of Huawei, Samsung, and others. 

The mid-range phone, which will be sold worldwide, follows the Motorola One Action and furthers Motorola’s mission to bring premium features to affordable phones. Here are the details.

The power of four

Motorola One Zoom camera module closeup

There aren’t too many phones out there with four cameras on the back, and the ones that are for sale cost a pretty penny.

Enter Motorola and the Motorola One Zoom. This phone covers all the photo bases with a standard 48MP Samsung sensor at f/1.7 with Quad Pixel tech. That means it can use pixel binning to capture 12MP images that are more sensitive to dark environments. It is joined by a 16MP ultra wide-angle camera with 117-degree field of view, an 8MP telephoto with OIS and 3x zoom, and a 5MP depth sensor. Together, this array lets people take just about any type of shot they might wish.

In the camera app you’ll find Night Vision for grain-free shots in low light that Motorola also claims preserves color. The 3x optical zoom can be enhanced with 10x hybrid zoom — both of which are supported by OIS for improved sharpness. The ultra wide-angle camera captures a huge canvas, though it introduces some optical distortion. Paired with the depth sensor, the main camera is able to generate bokeh shots with blurred backgrounds and sharp subjects.

The selfie camera has a 25MP f/2 sensor that can also use pixel binning for better low-light shots.

To say that this is an exciting set of features on a phone at this price is an understatement.

Polished chassis

Motorola One Zoom angle with screen glow

The phone itself is rather elegant. It comes in purple, bronze, and gray, each of which has its own luster. The aluminum chassis is nicely polished.  The front and rear panels are glass, of course, and the rear features a satin finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. It’s attractive. Motorola says the front is 2.5D Panda King Glass, while the rear is Gorilla Glass 3.

The OLED screen stretches 6.39 inches and includes 2,340 by 1,080 pixels for a 19:9 aspect ratio. The front bezels are very thin, which helps the screen pop when viewing content.

Other details include USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack, three-in-one SIM / microSD memory card tray, splash proof nano coating, and an embedded 4,000mAh battery that supports rapid charging.

Finding the middle ground

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Motorola selected the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor with an Adreno 612 GPU. The phone is available with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and it supports memory cards up to 512GB. This is a lower-cost option than a premium Snapdragon 700 or 800 series, and yet it doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of performance.

The fingerprint reader for the Motorola One Zoom is buried under the display glass. Motorola says it is accompanied by a learning algorithm that will help the sensor get better over time. This is good, because it allowed Motorola to make the batwing “M” logo on the rear act as a notification light. It pulses and glows when you have incoming messages or calls.

Motorola One Zoom charcol in hand

Despite the Motorola One name, the Zoom runs a normal version of Android 9 Pie — not Android One! When asked why, Motorola did not provide a compelling reason.

Pricing and availability

Motorola One Zoom purple on the couch

The Motorola One Vision goes on sale in Brazil, Mexico Argentina, and other Latin American countries starting September 5. An Amazon exclusive version with built-in Alexa will hit the U.K, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France also on September 5. It reaches Europe on September 6.

In the U.S., the phone goes on sale September 5 via The company plans to sell the phone unlocked. It is compatible with AT&T/Cricket and T-Mobile/Metro.

The price is an affordable $449.99.

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