Most Exciting TVs at CES 2021

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2021 will likely be a big year for many of the biggest TV brands. We’ve seen both Samsung and LG push hard into 8K TV technologies – and in both cases CES 2020 was the occasion they chose to announce it.

LG also confirmed quite big lineup changes at the event, ditching the E Series OLED in favor of the new Gallery Series, and Samsung raised eyebrows with its rotating Sero TV, so the most exciting news might come from elsewhere next time around.

Panasonic has had a relatively quiet year, with little changing in its TV lineup aside from a new mid-range OLED model, the HZ980. We’re yet to hear much of it and review units aren’t being sent out, so we predict it may be paving the way for a bigger refresh of the company’s TV range at the CES expo next year.

At CES 2020, it was clear that TV brands were thinking big, with many 75-inch-plus screens on display. But they were also thinking small, with confirmation of a new 48-inch OLED size, a 32-inch version of Samsung’s The Frame (2020) display, as well as TV models designed for use with smartphones rather than 4K Blu-ray players or AV receivers.

We expect CES 2021 to dive deeper into these extremes, with more 48-inch OLEDs than the LG CX and Sony A9G we have currently, and more compact 32-inch / 43-inch sizes for premium sets.
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